Recently,  I closed a chapter of my life in order to start anew.  After getting so caught up in the daily grind, I now choose to focus on creativity and the journey .  So, I have gathered art supplies and am going to do something that scares me.  I’m going to start painting again.  I’m going to travel. I’m going to share places, ideas, art, nature…life with my son.

Our world has been small. I intend to open it up and allow adventure and excitement into our lives.  Now, that can be scary for someone with special needs. My son likes routine. That’s fine, but I need to teach him that it can be fun to discover new things. It can be fun to be flexible. It can be amazing to go to new places and go on adventures at a moment’s notice.

The adventure doesn’t have to take us to far away places (although that would be exciting).  We can try new things in our own home. We can eat/cook new food (definitely a struggle for my kiddo); We can go to a new place in our own town, state, or country.  There are so many possibilities.  Come along with us. We’ll share reviews, opinions, photographs, and more.

Buckle up, it’s going to be an interesting ride!


(About us: I’m a single mom with a young teen who is on the Autism spectrum. He also has an Immune Deficiency which leads to many illnesses. We both have multiple food allergies. My son may have special needs, but he is a kind, fabulous kid who is creative and has an epic sense of humor!)