Suzy Duffy and Me

Suzy Duffy is a local (to me) author.  She’s from Ireland but she and her family decided to move to the Boston area.

After I read Suzy’s first book in the New England Trilogy, Wellesley Wives, I was hooked.  Her second book Newton Neighbors was quite funny.  Her third book in the trilogy is Lincoln Ladies, which was recently released.

Lincoln Ladies is my favorite of Suzy’s books! I could relate more to Kate, the main character, better than any other woman in Suzy’s books so far.
Kate is feeling the effects of empty nest syndrome and, at the urging of her best friend, decides to go on a vacation. A vacation that is super cozy, yet life changing.
Suzy’s writing pulls you in and you’ll swear you are also relaxing in Italy. A fabulous read!

Pick up a copy today and get ready to escape!