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Weekend Plans

Future Author

Future Author

We went to an author event at a local, independent book store tonight. My son seriously loves meeting authors and hearing about the writing process. He gets so excited about reading new books when he goes to these events. I love that! So, we picked up a few books (and had them signed by local author Julie Berry.) We are going to have a cozy weekend surrounded by blankets and books.

Usually, we don’t do anything at night. This weekend is certainly not typical for us. I have a school parent meeting/social Saturday night. Then I have a mom’s group social at Blue Ginger on Sunday night. This will be my third year going to this event. As of right now, I don’t have anyone to watch my son on Sunday evening. So, I probably won’t be able to go. Sad. I love Blue Ginger. Although, with my growing food allergy list, I doubt I’d be able to eat much at the event! (Being allergic to garlic is completely absurd.)

Anyway, I would love to hear what all of you have planned for this weekend. Leave a comment!


Video EEG (in patient)


My son recently was in the hospital for a video EEG (checking for seizure activity.) The process of getting all the wires attached was stinky and tedious.
We’ll be seeing a new Neurologist at a different hospital (someone with more experience). They may end up doing another EEG stay. Oh boy. What fun.


 I like the word but I don’t like it being a part of my life. You know what I mean?  Due to new, ongoing medical developments with my son, I haven’t had a chance to blog.  Heck, I really haven’t had much time to think. Or breathe.  Breathing is important.  Breathing too fast leads to hyperventilating.  How do I know?  Bah, don’t ask.  😉

 In the middle of all this chaos, I’ve started a new business.  You know, because I don’t have enough going on in my life. Heh heh.  Actually, having the business gives me something productive to do.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I work at my home business.  I feel…useful.  Especially when I get positive feedback.

 I will be adding a widget this weekend to showcase said new business.  Look for it. Click it. Ooh and Ah. Have fun.  

 I wish I could post it right now but I’m sitting at a cafe solely for the wifi.  We are having our kitchen floor ripped up, repaired, replaced so we had a to vacate for a few days.  My son and I are staying at my mom’s tiny elderly housing apartment.  No internet. No cable (which really means no tv at all.)  My son is bouncing off the wall and I’m not acclimating well, either.  So absurd how technology has changed our lives.  

 Once we are back at home, I hope to be able to get some work (and blogging) done. Until then, hope you all have a good week/weekend!

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